Vitamix Professional Series 750 and Vitamix 780 Touch Screen blenders shown above.

Hey you guys! As you know I have had a deep love and admiration for the Vitamix blending machines. In fact, my very first power blender was the Vitamix Professional Series 750. I grew up with my family using the old-fashioned Oster blender and my family had so much trouble trying to duplicate the “bar” experience making Margaritas and Daiquiris, only ending up with crunchy ice in their drinks.

While my family “could” make milkshakes, they had to be cautious of the ice cream being too frozen, and adding frozen fruit was completely out of the question as there was no way the old Oster blender was going to break down the frozen fruit into a smooth consistency. I had never heard of a Vitamix when I was growing up and neither did my family. There are many of us out there still that have never personally experienced a Vitamix.

When smoothie shops became “the in thing”, I always wondered what type of blenders they were using to achieve such a perfectly smooth texture that was frozen, thick and creamy. My thoughts were that the smoothie shops use machines that would never be available for home use. I went online and bought what I thought to be a “better” blender. It looked shiny, lots of blades, big, with fancy advertisements on the box and was said to be powerful enough to crush all types of food into a perfectly liquid form. Well upon several attempts at making a simple smoothie all I saw were ingredients spinning around and not being drawn into the blades.
Weeks later it was shoved into my kitchen cupboard and then soon after forgotten.

I gave up all hope until I saw this $500 blender on a TV shopping network. I thought the price was insane and it really didn’t look any more “commercial” than the cheaper machine I bought. Well after watching the TV presentation showcasing all the recipe types it was capable of, I was sold. Of course this was the Vitamix blender. As a consumer I tend to buy only “top of the line” thinking that anything lesser in price wouldn’t perform as well, so I purchased the Vitamix Pro 750. I had so much sticker shock I had to have a long talk with myself that I made the right decision. I was also afraid to tell anyone I spent so much on a blender, in fear of being talked out of it. 😂

When my Vitamix Pro 750 arrived I had so much excitement that I couldn’t wait to unbox it. I put it on my kitchen counter and immediately took notice how professional it looked and how well built it was. I never saw anything this amazing for a kitchen appliance. Without using the included recipe book I just took some left over broth, added some broccoli, carrots and tomatoes from the refrigerator. Threw it all in the Vitamix and switched on the Soup preset. I just knew it would taste terrible or not work well. After 6 minutes the cold ingredients were piping hot and surprisingly perfectly blended and the flavor was amazing! It was then that I knew I made the right choice. The sticker shock immediately went away, especially when I knew for sure that I got what I paid for, and then some.

I was so in love with my Vitamix Pro 750 and my amazing first experience with it that I decided to use my YouTube channel to showcase it and show others what a real-life home user felt about it. I had no business or personal ties to Vitamix so it was easy for me to share my deep excitement for such an amazing product. While it may seem cliché to some, but it’s true that my Vitamix has completely changed my life about eating. I can finally create something that tastes good without much skill, and it can be maybe too healthy. 😊 And that is why I love my Vitamix! 😃