All New Vitamix Perfect Blend Scale Review

Click HERE to see my full length YouTube video review of the Vitamix Perfect Blend, complete with recipes. 

The Vitamix Perfect Blend is the fun and innovative scale that communicates wirelessly with your Apple iOS or Android mobile devices to help you create the perfect blend every time. Works with any Vitamix series 5000 and later as well as the Vitamix Personal Blender. Beautiful design and small enough to fit on your countertop and can be used as a standard kitchen scale independent from the Perfect Blend App or your Vitamix. 

It all starts with the Vitamix Perfect Blend App that you download for free on your Apple IOS or Android mobile device. 

The Vitamix Perfect Blend App is well detailed with full color images of the recipes, and I was surprised to find that the full recipes were available even without the use of the Perfect Blend Scale. 

Choosing a recipe and pressing the Blend button takes you to the next screen where the nutritional facts are revealed along with the option to choose the serving amount near the bottom left. Before getting started, in settings you may select which Vitamix blender you are using (not shown) and the picture of the container for that Vitamix model will appear as shown above in the step by step recipe.  

I decided to create the Blueberry Apple Vanilla Smoothie. Once you place the Vitamix container on the Perfect Blend Scale it automatically recognizes it and the app displays the first ingredient. Communication between the Perfect Blend Scale and the mobile device app is wireless via Bluetooth.  I like that each ingredient is color-coded in the app. It's really near impossible to not make the "Perfect Blend" as each ingredient returns a chime sound when the proper amount is added to the Vitamix container, then the next ingredient required appears. 

After adding all of the ingredients the Vitamix Perfect Blend App shows a diagram of the Vitamix control panel instructing which setting to use on the blender. The Smoothie preset was required for the Blueberry Apple Vanilla Smoothie which takes less than 1 minute. 

When blending is complete the Perfect Blend App requests that you place a smoothie cup of your choice onto the scale that will accommodate a 16oz serving. The serving amount and calorie count are automatically tracked. This is especially helpful if portion sizes are important to you. 

The Vitamix Perfect Blend comes with two of the "To Go" smoothie cups (shown). I assure you guys, the Perfect Blend is super easy to use. One of my buddies came over and asked me to make  smoothies, of course 😀. As soon as he saw the Perfect Blend Scale and the App he offered to make the smoothies. He was shocked that it came out "perfect" the first time he tried. He's never made smoothies in a Vitamix before, and for some a Vitamix may appear intimidating when using one for the first time. 

The Vitamix Perfect Blend App comes with a large library of recipes including soups. Here I made a delicious Beet Apple Ginger Soup. The default recipe was fine, however I liked how the Perfect Blend App allows the user to customize the recipe. You can add, subtract or substitute ingredients and save them to the app under your Favorites. This is particularly useful with savory recipes as adding a pinch or a dash of your own spices and flavors can make a difference, such as the Non-GMO Vegan Blenditup Bouillon that I used in the recipe to create the low sodium broth needed to make the soup. 

So what's "perfect" about the Perfect Blend Scale? I like how the Vitamix Perfect Blend is very precise. Measures to the nearest 0.1 gram. It integrates with Apple Health and Google Fit. I was impressed that the user may customize and tailor the recipes to their liking and share them on social media. Another awesome feature I discovered was that the other Perfect Blend apps such as the Perfect Drink and the Perfect Bake were compatible with the Vitamix branded scale. I also found it a plus that the Perfect Blend Scale could be used a standard kitchen scale without the intervention of the Vitamix blender or the Perfect Blend App. 

So what's not "perfect"? I wasn't too crazy about the limited time the backlight remains on. When creating a step by step recipe it's useful to have the backlight running. Of course it's designed this way to save battery life, however there was no way of adjusting it. 

While the Perfect Blend App allows the user to choose which Vitamix machine that will be used, there was no option for container sizes. By default, the Vitamix 780 I used only allowed for the 64oz container. Some single-serve recipes work best with the smaller Vitamix 32oz Wet Container, which is not shown as an option in the Perfect Blend App. 

1 year warranty. Most Vitamix products come with either a 5 year, 7 year or 10 year warranty. The Vitamix Perfect Blend Scale does not ship with the lengthy warranty of other Vitamix products. I am however confident with Vitamix's amazing customer service and the Perfect Blend's excellent online support. 

My conclusion is the Vitamix Perfect Blend Scale is definitely worth the current price of $99. It's super easy to use for the novice or experienced chef at heart. The main benefit is you can make the same recipe over and over and it will taste 100% the same every time. Even the best home chefs may not turn out the same perfect recipe by memory each time, therefore the Vitamix Perfect Blend will prove to be a helpful tool in the kitchen. 

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Note: Vitamix Perfect Blend Scale used in the review was provided by the Vitamix corporation. Vitamix has no influence on the review.